Cyprus police arrest 2nd suspect in 5-ton ammonium nitrate seizure

Cyprus police say they have arrested a second suspect in connection with a large seizure of ammonium nitrate, which can be turned into an explosive.

Police said Saturday that the 62-year-old Lebanese-Cypriot suspect, who has been living on the island for years, brought the five tons of the chemical compound to Cyprus from Lebanon as chemical ice contained in first-aid packs.

On Friday, a judge renewed for another eight days the detention of a 26-year-old Lebanese-Canadian man who was arrested after police raided a Larnaca-area home he was staying in and where the chemical was stashed.

It's unclear what the chemical would have been used for. Authorities are probing whether the 26-year-old is linked to Lebanon's anti-Israel group Hezbollah. His lawyer says his client is denying any wrongdoing.