Cuba submits latest draft UN resolution against US embargo; US might abstain this time

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The latest draft United Nations resolution urging the United States to end its economic embargo on Cuba has appeared — and it points out President Barack Obama's commitment to end the policy.

The draft has been posted online, and a vote in the General Assembly is expected Oct. 27.

Cuba has introduced draft resolutions against the embargo for the past 23 years. Last year's vote was 188-2, with only Israel siding with the U.S.

This year, Obama administration officials have indicated that the U.S. might take the unprecedented step of abstaining instead.

Obama has said the 54-year-old restrictions have failed to spur democratic change. But the Republican-led House and Senate have refused to repeal the embargo.

The non-binding U.N. draft also welcomes the re-establishment of U.S.-Cuba diplomatic ties this year.