Crews try to rescue damaged fishing boat with 27 aboard that's stuck in Antarctic ice

Crews from the U.S. and New Zealand are trying to rescue a damaged fishing boat with 27 people aboard that is stuck in ice near Antarctica.

The U.S. Coast Guard says Australian boat Antarctic Chieftain suffered damage to three of its four propellers after getting stuck Wednesday and can no longer maneuver.

Coast Guard spokesman Lt. Donnie Brzuska says it has sent the icebreaker Polar Star on a 330 nautical mile mission to free the fishing boat.

He says the cutter will need to break through several miles of 2.7-meter-thick (9-foot-thick) ice and endure high winds and snowfall.

The Polar Star is scheduled to reach the fishing boat late Friday. The plan is then for a New Zealand fishing vessel to tow the disabled boat to a safe harbor.