The U.S. Coast Guard has finished removing a 202-foot (62-meter) freighter that grounded at a nature reserve near Puerto Rico about four months ago.

Capt. Drew Pearson says the final pieces of the ship's hull have been removed and will be recycled with other parts. Crews also removed more than 5,000 gallons (18,900 liters) of an oil-and-water mix along with 600 tons (544 metric tons) of cargo contaminated with oil.

Pearson's statement Tuesday says divers will replace more than 1,000 corals that were removed from the area as a precaution during the salvage operation.

The Honduran-flagged ship was carrying 79 Haitian migrants when it ran aground in June on remote Mona Island. The crew told authorities they were headed to the French Caribbean island of St. Martin.