Congo pushes back against UN peacekeeping force; says friction over 2 generals not its fault

Congo's foreign minister says friction with the U.N.'s largest peacekeeping force over human rights violations by two Congolese generals is not his country's fault, and he says the time has come for Congo to take full responsibility for its security.

Foreign Minister Raymond Tshibanda addressed the U.N. Security Council after weeks of tension in which the U.N. force backed out of a joint operation against a rebel force in the eastern part of the country. The U.N. has said the two generals have been heavily involved in "massive human rights violations."

An annoyed President Joseph Kabila wants the U.N. force cut by at least 6,000, and Tshibanda said negotiations start Monday on how to reduce the peacekeeping mission.

Diplomats say a more modest cut of 2,000 is expected.