Colorado Party gains to give Paraguay's president-elect Horacio Cartes control of Congress

Paraguay's president-elect Horacio Cartes will be able to control Congress when he begins his five-year mandate in August.

Official election results released Friday confirm Cartes won with 45.8 percent of the vote last month, restoring the Colorado party to the power it lost for the first time in 60 years when former Bishop Fernando Lugo won the presidency in 2008. Paraguay's Congress voted Lugo out of office last year, but he won a Senate seat last month.

Now the Colorados will have 44 of 80 lower house seats, and 19 of 45 Senate seats. Reliable allies will likely ensure majorities for any vote.

Cartes said improving business with Brazilians is his goal. He said "Brazil is the locomotive, and God wants us to be the wagon of this great country."