A Canadian government website claims that global warming is forcing Santa Claus to relocate his toy-making village to the South Pole.

The Policy Horizons Canada website said last week that Santa signed an agreement with the “international community” to move his operation to the South Pole because of melting Arctic ice.

“Santa’s relocation agreement marks the first time that the international community agrees on a common legal definition of climate change that includes refugees as corporations, as well as individuals,” the website said. "This deal is expected to lead to the deployment of a global climate change refugee visa system that in the near future could help to more easily relocate individuals and corporations facing the impacts of climate change.”

The statement comes as part of a series of Christmas-themed blog posts about Canadian policy concerns, including global warming, the Daily Caller reported.

Scientists recently warned that global warming could increase the amount of poverty and hardship in the world. Europe would also see a surge in “climate refugees,” according to a study.

Experts have long warned that rising temperatures and extreme weather could increase the number of people in poor countries seeking refuge in richer, more temperate nations, but the phenomenon has previously been studied only at a small scale.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.