Chuck Norris movie photo was used to intimidate protesters, Canadian professor says

A complaint filed last week against the Quebec City police department claimed its officers used a movie photo featuring American actor Chuck Norris to intimidate protesters at last year's G7 Summit, reports said.

The complaint was leveled by a political science professor who researches social movements and police profiling. He said the photo of Norris, who was heavily armed, was on the side of a riot vehicle and undermined the public trust.

"I thought that was in really bad taste and that it was a form of intimidation and threat from the police toward the public and the protesters," Francis Dupuis-Déri told the CBC. The photo apparently employed by police was the poster from the movie, “Invasion U.S.A.”  The professor said the riot police saw themselves in Norris’ role.

Norris is as famous for his acting roles as he is for infomercials and social media's "Chuck Norris Facts." These facts have fun with his tough-guy image and include outrageous feats like having counted to infinity twice.


Two officials from Quebec City police did not respond to questions from the Canadian Press. The incident occurred at last June’s G7 Summit, The Montreal Gazette reported.

The Université du Québec à Montreal professor said he filed a complaint against nine officers during protests.

He told the CBC that his complaint was focused on the photo because the other reports of excessive behavior were already filed.

Police actions at the summit were denounced by Amnesty International and others for being excessive.

"My complaint is really about this specific case and these specific police officers who were in the minivan," he told the CBC.