China evacuates nearly 60,000 ahead of Typhoon Chan-hom

Chinese authorities have evacuated tens of thousands of people and canceled scores of trains as a super-typhoon with wind gusts up to 125 mph heads toward the southeastern coast.

China's national weather service says super Typhoon Chan-hom is expected to make landfall by early Saturday at Fujian or Zhejiang province, and has issued its highest-level alert.

Zhejiang's Civil Affairs Bureau says nearly 60,000 people were evacuated from coastal areas. The country's railway service says more than 100 trains between the region's cities are canceled through Sunday.

The storm earlier dumped rain on northern Philippines and was expected to pass by Taiwan, where several flights were suspended.

Southern China already was struck by another typhoon earlier this week. Typhoon Linfa displaced 56,000 people in southern Guangdong province.