Chilling video shows Indian girls as young as 5 being forced into marriage, bursting into tears during wedding

This upsetting video shows weeping children – some as young as five – being forced to marry older grooms in a mass ceremony in India.

The distressing clip shows a ten-year-old girl crying uncontrollably as she holds the hand of her teenage partner.

The girl is dressed in a pink veil and can be heard pleading for help as she is forced to walk around a fire seven times in the Hindu ritual.

The video was recorded this week in Chittorgarh, a city in Rajasthan, northern India.

It has infuriated child rights groups as it is highly illegal.

The legal age for girls to marry in India is 18 and for boys it is 21.

In another clip a faith leader is seen telling the children off for crying.

The ceremony is called Akshaya Tritiya and sees around six marriage take place in two days.

One of the child brides is a five-year-old girl dressed in a red Hindu bridal dress being forced to marry an 11-year-old boy.

Kriti Bharti, a child rights activist and founder of Saarthi Trust charity said: "My heart goes out to these little children trapped in this tragedy.

"The police should have acted immediately as the video clearly shows a priest was involved.

"Action should not only be taken against the families but each adult involved in the ceremony including the decorators, caterers, attendees, relatives etc."

Kriti has so far annulled 29 child marriages in Rajasthan and has stopped 850 taking place.

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