Chile's Bachelet expected to win presidential primary, but rival a toss-up

Chileans are voting for the first time in presidential primaries organized by the government.

Voters will pick a candidate from Chile's two grand coalitions, the New Majority on the left and the conservative Alliance for Chile on the right. The vote will decide who runs in the Nov. 17 presidential election.

Former President Michelle Bachelet is likely to win the New Majority slot. She is a pediatrician who ended her 2006-2010 presidency with high popularity ratings.

The Alliance for Chile race is a toss-up between former Defense Minister Andres Allamand and former Economy Minister Pablo Longueira, who was close to dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

Turnout was expected to be low, with pollster Mori finding that as little as 10 percent of the electorate said they would vote.