Chilean Woman Dismembers, Boils Boyfriend's Body Over $9,000

A Chilean woman shot and dismembered her partner before boiling the corpse for hours in a pot.

Police said Monday that Rosanna Andrea Valdes became enraged after she found out that 44-year-old Claudio Andres Munoz stole about $9,000 worth of Chilean pesos that she kept in a wooden box.

During a heated argument, the 38-year-old woman shot him in the chest. She then cut him up in pieces with a kitchen knife and boiled the body parts for several hours in a large pot late Saturday. Valdes then hid the body parts in nylon bags inside her car.

The crime took place in the city of Molina, some 130 miles (210 kilometers) south of the Chilean capital of Santiago. Valdes has turned herself into police custody and confessed to the grisly crime.

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