Chilean woman burned in dictatorship attack says pacts of silence broken, justice being served

Carmen Quintana's scarred face has become a symbol of the atrocities committed by Gen. Augusto's Pinochet 1973-1990 dictatorship. Now she finally feels that justice is being done.

Soldiers drenched 18-year-old Quintana and 19-year-old Rodrigo Rojas with gasoline and set them ablaze during a street demonstration on July 2, 1986. Rojas died four days later. Quintana underwent lengthy treatment for severe burns.

Now a local judge has charged seven former members of the military with the attack after another soldier testified about the case, breaking a nearly three-decade pact of silence.

On Tuesday, Quintana paid homage to Rojas by pinning a photo to a memorial for the late photographer at a memorial in Santiago. She says she's confident that more Chileans will come forward to uncover rights violations by the dictatorship.