Chad delivers death sentences to 10 Boko Haram members following suicide attacks in capital

Chad's prosecutor says 10 members of Boko Haram have been sentenced to death for crimes including murder and the use of explosives.

Bruno Mahouli Louapambe said in a statement Friday that the suspects included Bahna Fanaye, alias Mahamat Moustapha, described by Chadian officials as a leader of the Nigeria-based group.

Chad has vowed to take a leading role in a regional force to fight Boko Haram that is also expected to include soldiers from Cameroon, Benin and Niger in addition to Nigeria. Boko Haram has targeted Nigeria's neighbors in regular attacks this year.

Chad's capital, N'Djamena, was rocked by a series of suicide attacks that killed dozens of people in June and July.

Louapambe said in Friday's statement that the accused had acknowledged their guilt and would be shot.