Caught on video: 6-year-old girl grabs axe-wielding man in dad's store

Surveillance video caught a six-year-old girl who went after an axe-wielding robbery suspect at her dad’s store in Auckland, New Zealand on Monday.

The girl, Sarah Patel, ran up to the suspect and grabbed onto his leg. She told local news outlets later that she thought the man she was clutching was her father.

“I’m proud of her, definitely,” her father said of his daughter's bravery. He said the girl was always trying to help people.

The man and accomplices ran off, investigators said. The girl’s mother got into the family car and chased after the getaway car to let police know their whereabouts.

Five teens face charges including aggravated robbery, injuring with intent and breaching bail, police said. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that one remains at large.