Canada's Conservatives worried in the wake of conservative drubbing in the Alberta election

A meeting of Canada's federal Conservative party was described as being like a "morgue" a day after Alberta, Canada's most conservative province, elected a left-of-center provincial government, ending a 44-year-old conservative party dynasty.

Voters in the western oil-rich province chose a New Democratic Party government Tuesday. The stunning result had the federal Conservatives worried ahead of October's federal election.

Alberta is Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative party's base but Deepak Obhrai, a federal Conservative lawmaker, said Wednesday so-called safe seats just can't be considered safe anymore. The Conservatives hold 26 of Alberta's 28 federal seats. Justice Minister Peter Mackay described a Conservative party meeting Wednesday as being "like a morgue."

Jim Prentice, Alberta's outgoing provincial Premier, is a former Harper cabinet minister. Prentice suffered a humiliating defeat and quit politics.