Burkina Faso: Military promises to hand power to transitional body under civilian leader

Burkina Faso's military says it will hand over to a transitional government under a leader chosen by all sectors of society, to fill the power vacuum since long-time president Blaise Compaore resigned and fled.

Lt. Col. Isaac Yacouba Zida met with diplomats Monday and announced the country will be led by "a transitional body within the constitutional framework."

Ouagadougou, the capital, was calm and soldiers were off the streets Monday following days of unrest. Demonstrators set the legislature ablaze Thursday to prevent a vote to allow Compaore to seek another term of office. Compaore had been in power 27 years. On Sunday, protesters demanded the military cede power after soldiers named Zida head of a transitional government.

The United Nations and African Union have condemned the military's power grab.