Burkina Faso coup leader seeks refuge in foreign embassy, government negotiating his surrender

Burkina Faso's government says the military general who led the recent short-lived coup has sought protection in a foreign embassy, a day after the army opened fire on his supporters in the presidential guard to force them to disarm.

In a communique Wednesday, the government said negotiations are underway for Gen. Gilbert Diendere to give himself up.

Diendere told The Associated Press he is willing to turn himself over to face justice. He said he wants Burkina Faso to resolve its crisis through dialogue. He said he was in Ouagadougou, the capital, but would not say where. He handed back power on Sept. 23 to a transitional government.

Burkina Faso's army took over the barracks of the presidential guard, barraging it with gunfire Tuesday after they wouldn't disarm.