British teenager accused of plotting gun and bomb attack on college that had expelled him

Prosecutors say a British teenager planned a gun and bomb attack on a college that had kicked him out for bad behavior.

Liam Lyburd is on trial for allegedly amassing an arsenal to target Newcastle College in northern England. He was expelled in 2012 for being disruptive in class.

Prosecutor Nick Dry said Friday that a file recovered from Lyburd's computer titled "Newcastle College" said: "You ruined my whole life ... I will teach you a little lesson on respect with my 9mm hollow points."

It also said, "yes people will die, there's no question about that."

The 19-year-old has pleaded guilty to making pipe bombs and explosive devices, and possessing a 9mm Luger Glock gun, bullets and CS gas. He denies possessing the items with intent to endanger life.