British postal workers temporarily refuse to hand over Advent calendar addressed to cat

A British woman said a mail delivery company temporarily refused to let her pick up an Advent calendar addressed to her cat in a Facebook post that has gone viral.

Brittany Maher-Kirk, of northern London, said the calendar was sent by her mother and addressed to her adopted cat, Ted. But when Maher-Kirk missed the delivery, she said the Royal Mail post office wouldn’t give the calendar to her unless she showed an ID for the cat to pick it up on its behalf.

“I've got to ring up the Post Office Head Office and explain that my mother has sent the cat an advent calendar, addressed to the cat, and he can't pop in to pick it up himself or lend me his ID to do it for him...” the Facebook post read.

Maher-Kirk told the BBC that amused postal workers eventually handed over the calendar.

She said Ted is happy and "makes weird chirping, meowing noises" when its windows are opened.

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