British pedophiles and rapists will only be able to apply to have their names removed from the sex offenders register 15 years after their release from prison.

Home Secretary Theresa May told the Commons the Government is obliged to act on a ruling by the Supreme Court but would only make "the minimum possible changes".

Last year the court ruled that putting sex offenders on the register for life without a right of appeal was "disproportionate".

Currently anyone sentenced to 30 months or more in prison for a sex offence is automatically put on the register for an indefinite period.

Their names, addresses, date of birth and national insurance number are recorded, and they must inform police in person of any changes or if they wish to leave the country.

Theresa May said offenders can apply for consideration to be removed from the list 15 years after they have been released from custody. There will be no automiatic appeals.

A final decision on if an offender should remain on the register will be made by police and there will be no right of appeal.

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