A British family was kicked off a local plane flight because the pilot reportedly thought a small cut on their toddler’s face was a health and safety hazard.

John Maitland, 33, and his partner, Laura Bishop, 36, were traveling with their 19-month old daughter, Robyn, between the Isle of Jersey and Newcastle, England this month when they boarded an easyJet flight, Sky News reported.

A stewardess noticed a scrape on Robyn’s cheek that she got after falling on a radiator while on vacation. The couple did not think the small cut was serious.

The stewardess alerted the pilot to the injury and the family was told they had to exit the plane.

“I couldn’t believe it. I started crying and I was pleading with him, saying ‘this is ridiculous, we’re only going to Newcastle, it’s about an hour’s flight’, but he insisted that he wouldn’t fly us,” Bishop told Sky.  

The pilot reportedly was concerned that the cut was close to Robyn’s eye and may worsen during the flight due to the increase in cabin pressure.

"It's just a little red mark on her face. It's not even going to scar. It wasn't deep. It didn't really bleed at all,” the mother said.

Bishop said all of the family’s belongings were taken off the plane and the crew threatened to call the police if they refused to leave.

“The whole plane was sat looking at us. It was quite embarrassing really," Bishop told the news station.

The airline reportedly advised the family to re-book their flight when they had a medical certificate saying Robyn was safe to fly.

"The doctor said he thought it was ridiculous. He said 'you're joking'," Bishop told Sky.

The next available flight to Newcastle was three days later and the family says no help was offered to find a hotel or car for their inconvenience.

Bishop -- who is seven-and-a-half months pregnant-- missed an important baby scan scheduled at home as a result of the incident and the couple said they spent more than 900 dollars to change their plans.

According to Sky, an airline spokeswoman said: “The safety and wellbeing of our passengers is always easyJet’s highest priority. We are in contact with the family directly to resolve their issue over the flights and reassure them that the actions of our crew was from concern for and in the best interest of the child.”

But Bishop does not agree. "I think it's crazy. It's health and safety gone mad." 

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