Brazil: Waiting for more details on proposed changes to how the NSA carries out espionage

Brazil's foreign minister says the Brazilian government is eager to hear from the U.S. government about proposed changes to U.S. surveillance programs.

Luiz Figueiredo said Thursday that Brazil is "following with interest" the action in the U.S. over the National Security Agency's espionage program, of which Brazil and its president were targets.

On Wednesday, a panel recommended to President Barack Obama that sweeping changes be made in how the NSA carries out espionage.

One of the proposals is that any surveillance of foreign leaders be subject to the scrutiny of the U.S. president before it happens.

News accounts in Brazil based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden detailed how the NSA monitored the cellphone of Brazilian leader Dilma Rousseff. She responded by canceling a planned state visit to the U.S.