Police hunted Monday for the driver of a car that plowed at high speed into a group of churchgoers as they stood on a sidewalk after a service. At least 15 people were injured — including seven children.

Police said late Monday that two other people were riding in the car, in which they found what appeared to be cocaine, marijuana and alcohol, believed to have contributed to the Sunday night incident.

At least two people were in grave condition at Sao Paulo hospitals — one was an unidentified 3-year-old boy and the other was Washington Pirola, a pastor at the Eagle Vision pentecostal church, where the wreck took place, according to the G1 news portal of the Globo TV network.

The driver and the occupants of the car fled the scene on foot shortly after smashing into the group on the sidewalk and into a parked car that also had people inside it.

Police have not released the names of any suspects

The front of the suspect's vehicle showed the violence of the impacts — its windshield was smashed, along with the front bumper and hood.

Fabio Souza, the original owner of car, went to a police station after being contacted by local media who tracked him down through the license plate. He showed officers the contract from when he sold the vehicle, a Fiat Marea, to prove he wasn't responsible for the accident.

The car was later resold again and police say the think the third owner of the vehicle is the man who was driving.