Bosnian police arrest 3 people suspected of war crimes

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Bosnian police have detained three people suspected of war crimes against non-Serbs during the country's war, including a former police officer who has already served a prison sentence for war-time murder and inhuman acts.

The Bosnian prosecutor's office said Monday the arrested include Darko Mrdja who was sentenced by the U.N. war crimes tribunal in The Hague in 2004 to 17 years in prison for participating in the execution of some 200 civilians from the northern town of Prijedor. Mrdja was granted early release in 2013 after serving two-thirds of the sentence and pleading guilty to the execution of the prisoners on Mount Vlasic in central Bosnia.

During the 1992-1995 war, Mrdja was an officer of Bosnian Serb police in Prijedor where over 3,000 non-Serb civilians were killed.