Black rhinos from South Africa relocated to Rwandan park

Rwanda's government says 10 eastern black rhinos have been relocated to the country's Akagera National Park from South Africa, a decade after the animal was last seen in the park.

Tuesday's relocation is the result of collaboration with African Parks, which manages protected areas on behalf of governments across Africa.

The Rwanda Development Board calls the relocation of the poaching-threatened animals "a historic move for the nation and the species." Around 1,000 eastern black rhinos remain in the wild.

Under the arrangement funded by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, up to 20 eastern black rhinos will be transferred to Rwanda this month.

The last sighting of a rhino in Akagera park was in 2007.

In 2015 seven lions were reintroduced in Akagera, and African Parks says their population has grown.