Berlin Zoo unveils new monument to celebrity polar bear Knut, who died last year

Fans of the late polar bear Knut packed the area around the Berlin Zoo enclosure where he died unexpectedly last year at the age of 4 for the dedication of a new monument to him.

Zoo director Bernhard Blaszkiewitz said Wednesday he hopes the bronze statue called "Knut the dreamer" will attract a lot of children like other such monuments to animals in the park.

Knut fan Jutta Geissler says the artist did a great job capturing the polar bear's personality and that "all the emotions for Knut are back again."

Knut was hand-raised after his mother rejected him. He rose to stardom in 2007 as a cuddly cub, appearing on magazine covers, in a film and on mountains of merchandise. He died in 2011 after suffering from encephalitis.