Belarus asks for $3bn IMF loan, hints at reforms to tariffs and pension age

Belarus says it wants a $3 billion loan for 10 years from the International Monetary Fund and is considering some economic reforms.

President Alexander Lukashenko said at a government meeting that in talks with the IMF, he "didn't say no" on raising the pension age, tariff changes or wages.

That comes less than a month after Lukashenko rejected calls for structural economic reforms during his swearing-in ceremony.

Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov says the IMF loan could have an interest rate of 2.28 percent.

An IMF delegation visited Belarus on Nov. 9-20 for talks with the government. The IMF said at the time that the negotiations made "considerable progress in discussing a set of policies" to underpin a three-year program under the IMF's extended fund facility.