Basque lawmakers urge separatist group to disarm ASAP

The Basque regional parliament is urging the armed separatist group ETA to lay down its weapons as soon as possible, backing the disarmament that a group of civic intermediaries wants to complete by Saturday.

After killing 829 people over 43 years, ETA has been inactive in the 5 ½ since it gave up the violence it waged to achieve an independent Basque state in southern France and northern Spain.

The French and Spanish governments are not acknowledging the initiative of the self-appointed "peace artisans." They are demanding that ETA disband as well as surrender its few remaining guns and explosives.

All parties in the regional parliament except for the conservative Popular Party of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy backed Thursday's motion.

The lawmakers urged for the disarmament to be "unilateral, complete, definitive and verified."