Some parks have ducks, some have swans. Bangkok's Lumphini Park is famed for its monitor lizards.

But the park's population of the reptiles — some of which are up to 2 meters (6.5 feet) long — has grown to around 400, leading park officials to become concerned and come up with a plan to relocate them. On Tuesday, park staff could be seen using ropes and snares to catch around 40 of the lizards.

While the lizards are gentle in nature and don't attack the many Thais and foreigners who flock to the centrally located park, they do damage the park's trees and landscape, according to Suwanna Jungrungrueng, the director of Bangkok's environment department.

Their sheer numbers have also caused concern with the authorities after reports of runners and bikers falling while swerving to try to avoid the lizards.

The city's plan is to relocate the lizards to a government-run animal sanctuary outside of Bangkok.