Austrian rightist slammed for anti-Semitic cartoon

The head of Vienna's Jewish community is criticizing Austria's rightist leader for posting a cartoon showing a banker with a large hooked nose and Star of David cufflinks profiting from Europe's financial crisis.

Heinz-Christian Strache's Facebook posting showed the corpulent banker being fed delicacies by a figure dubbed "The Government." A third figure at the table, labeled "The People" — thin and poorly dressed — has a bone on his plate and looks on in dismay.

Jewish leader Oskar Deutsch said Monday the caricature depicts Jews in the way Nazi publications did under Hitler.

Strache's Freedom Party has turned from overtly anti-Semitic slogans to opposition of Muslim immigrants. But its supporters include anti-Semites.

Strache says he is not singling out Jews but is criticizing "greedy bankers" regardless of ethnicity.