Austria: 2 men rescued from glacier crevasse high in the Alps after nearly 24 hours

Austrian officials say two skiers have been rescued from a crevasse in a glacier high in the Alps after nearly 24 hours.

Mountain rescue spokeswoman Maria Riedler told the Austria Press Agency that the men, an Austrian and a German, were plucked out of the crevasse by helicopter on Sunday morning. She said they were cold but in good condition, and had kept each other awake during the night. They were taken to a hospital.

The two experienced skiers on Saturday morning fell about 4 meters (13 feet) into the crevasse on the Grosses Wiesbachhorn mountain in Salzburg province at an altitude of some 3,300 meters (10,800 feet).

The men alerted authorities by cellphone, but bad weather thwarted rescue attempts on Saturday.