Australian school suspends boy who shaved head for charity

An Australian schoolboy was suspended after he shaved his head to raise funds for a cancer charity and support a friend who is battling leukemia.

Going beyond a "number two" haircut was against the school's uniform and grooming policy, said school principal Christopher Houlihan of Padua College in Mornington, about 25 miles southeast of Melbourne.

The Year Nine student received an internal suspension. He went back to school on Monday, but must wear a cap until his hair grows back, the Mornington Peninsula Leader reported.

"He took it on himself to shave his head for a very good cause, he didn't go through school procedures and deal with us first," Houlihan said.

"I've always told students who wanted to support World's Greatest Shave it was OK, as long as hair length was within acceptable levels -- a number two. Then we can also then support them with publicity."

Every March thousands of people shave, color and wax their hair to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation in what is one of Australia's biggest fundraising events.

Melbourne radio station 3AW reported that the teenager's act was in support of a friend who is battling leukemia.