At Least Two Dead, Many Missing After Two NYC Apartment Buildings Collapse

A resident of a New York City apartment building that was flattened by an explosion says the smell of gas was "unbearable" and residents complained about it repeatedly.

Ruben Borrero says residents complained to the landlord about the smell as recently as Tuesday, a day before the explosion.

He says a few weeks ago, city fire officials were called about the smell because it was so bad that a resident on the top floor busted open the door to the roof for ventilation.

The explosion leveled two buildings, killed at least two people and injured more than 20. More than a dozen are still unaccounted for.

Borrero lived on the second floor with his mother and sister. None of them were at home at the time of the explosion, but he assumes his terrier is dead.

Con Edison says it received no gas complaints from the building before Wednesday.

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