At least 1 rugby player dead after players swept out to sea in South Africa

One rugby player is dead and another five are missing after being swept out to sea off the coast of South Africa.

About 21 members of local rugby team Motherwell Rugby Football Club were swept away by rough seas and a strong current after going for a post-practice swim on Sunday, according to a rescue official.

John Fletcher, coordinator for the Coastal Water Rescue Squad, said Monday his volunteers were able to rescue 15 of the players near Port Elizabeth Sunday, but were unable to resuscitate one of the men.

Police divers continued to search for five team members still missing Monday, but the players are reportedly presumed dead.

Mncedisi Mazomba, a player-manager for the Motherwell Rugby Football Club, said city officials have arranged for counseling for relatives of the dead man and for those missing and presumed dead.

He said the team was formed in 1992 as an outlet for boys and young men from Port Elizabeth's Motherwell Township. It kept them away from crime and other dangers, he said. The club had three teams that played other minor league teams along South Africa's eastern coast, and even traveled as far as Cape Town, on the western coast.

They regularly practiced on the beach, enjoying "fresh air, beautiful scenery," Mazomba said.

Sunday's practice was in preparation for a local championship tournament in Cape Town. Mazomba added that Sunday was his birthday.

"The feeling was supposed to be a cheerful one, spending your birthday with your team," he said. "And at the end of the day, we lost six teammates."

Oregan Hoskins, president of the South African Rugby Union, sent his condolences.

"To have their afternoon turn into a day of tragedy is shocking for the whole rugby community and our thoughts go out to their family," Hoskins said.

Mazomba said the team would probably drop out of the championship.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.