An Associated Press count of casualties from the Saudi hajj disaster now shows the crush and stampede killed over 1,100 pilgrims.

Saudi officials have said their official figure of 769 killed and 934 injured in Mina remains accurate, though an investigation into the Sept. 24 stampede is ongoing.

The AP count of the dead includes 16 countries that have offered formal statements through hajj commissions or in state media broadcasts, saying specifically the deceased were killed in Mina, outside the holy city of Mecca.

Iran has 465 of its pilgrims killed, while Egypt had 146 and Indonesia 100.

Others are: Pakistan with 75; Nigeria 64; Mali 60; India 58; Cameroon 42; Bangladesh 41; Algeria 18; Ethiopia 13; Chad 11; Kenya eight; Senegal five and Morocco and Turkey each with three.