An Argentine woman has accused her father of sexually abusing her for 30 years and having 10 children with her, including one who killed himself after learning that his grandfather was his father.

Elvira Gomez, 43, did not report the alleged abuse until her father, Armando Gomez, was recently arrested for robbery.

"I felt that I was a worse than a prisoner for 30 years because I couldn't even talk with anybody. He raped me, beat me for any reason, didn't let me approach other people and always had a loaded gun. He told me: 'I'm going to go to prison, but I'm going to kill you first,'" Gomez said in comments published Friday in the newspaper Clarin.

DNA tests reported this week confirmed that nine of her 10 children were with her father. Tests could not be carried out on her remaining son because he is dead.

Elvira Gomez said she didn't have the courage to report the abuse until now because "since I was a girl he beat me with whatever he had in his hand: a rod or a machete which cut me all over. I spent days in bed."

Her mother died when she was 20 months old, she said.

"Nothing can remove from my head the idea that he did something to her," Gomez said, speaking to the newspaper from her poor home in the village of Nicanor Molinos in Santa Fe province.

She said her eldest son committed suicide before he reached 18 when he learned the truth about his father.

"I always thought he had decided to take his life because of a fight with his girlfriend, but they found a letter explaining it, that he had learned that his grandfather was his father," Gomez said.

Her 62-year-old father, Armando Gomez, is being held in a prison in the municipality of Vera in Santa Fe accused of aggravated sexual abuse with a relative.

He has denied the charges against him.

Gomez said that with her father in jail, "I can now walk the streets without fear. I feel a great relief even though I seldom leave my house because I feel ashamed."

Last year in Austria, Josef Fritzl was found guilty of locking his daughter in a dungeon for 24 years and fathering seven children with her.