Argentine president defends gov't, doesn't mention poor performance of chosen successor

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez is touting her government's accomplishments in her first public address since her party's poorer-than-expected showing in Sunday's presidential election.

In a speech late Thursday that included several encores, Fernandez reminded Argentines of steps taken by her administration, including the nationalization of Aerolineas Argentinas and the YPF oil company, social welfare programs for the poor and free education in public universities.

Fernandez said such accomplishments are "not irreversible" and called on Argentines to defend her government's policies.

But she did not mention her governing party's presidential candidate, Daniel Scioli, by name. Chosen by Fernandez to run, Scioli garnered 37 percent of the votes in Sunday's election, compared to 34 percent for opposition candidate Mauricio Macri. The tight finish means a runoff next month.