Angry soldier fires into the air near governor who criticized Nigeria's military

A soldier angered by a speech a state governor gave in an area of Nigeria where nearly 100 people were killed by Islamic militants has opened fire, causing pandemonium.

In his visit to Shuwa town Friday, Gov. Murtala Nyako said security is degenerating in northeast Nigeria, not improving as the military has claimed, and that President Goodluck Jonathan's handling of the crisis is "toying with people's fate."

Shortly after the speech, the soldier fired into the air. No one was injured, but people jumped into ditches and cars screeched to a halt, apparently fearing another attack by Boko Haram militants.

Residents of Shuwa said outnumbered soldiers fled the area and left them at the mercy of the militants who killed at least 33 people there Wednesday and 59 on Tuesday.