Most of the roughly 60,000 refugees and other migrants stranded in Greece are living in "appalling conditions" and face "immense and avoidable suffering," rights group Amnesty International said in a report Thursday slamming Europe's response to the refugee crisis.

The group criticized Europe for failing to fulfill commitments to relocate refugees from the countries they arrived in, saying only 6 percent — about 4,000 people — of the promised 66,400 relocations over two years have taken place.

"Our latest research has found that two years into the refugee crisis in Greece, refugees and asylum-seekers in Greece are living (in) deplorable conditions ... living in fear and uncertainty for the future," said Giorgos Kosmopoulos, refugees and migrants' rights researcher at Amnesty in Athens. "The European Union, a bloc of 500 million people cannot offer dignified conditions to a number of people that is relatively small."

Amnesty called on Greece to improve conditions and on European countries to speed up the relocation process, saying it would take 18 years at the current rate to fulfil relocation pledges.