American Family Barricaded in U.K. Home by Angry Landlord

MARKINGTON, England -- An American family attempting to return to the U.S. after living in the U.K. found themselves barricaded into their rented home after a cash dispute with their British landlord that turned ugly, London's The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

Dan Herring, along with his wife Christina, rented the luxury home in the town of Markington near Harrogate in Yorkshire while he worked at a technology business at the nearby Menwith Hill military base.

But when the American family told their landlord Simon Everingham that they would be returning to the U.S. before the end of the agreed rental agreement, Everingham said they owed him £15,000 ($24,000).

The landlord said he had been plunged into debt because of the dispute, but the Herring family denied owing money.

"When we signed the 30-month lease we had no idea my husband would get a new job," said Mrs. Herring. "Now he has done, we have no legal right to remain in this country under the terms of the visa once his current job here has finished so we have to go."

Things turned nasty Tuesday when the American family began moving their belongings out of the house. Everingham blocked the house with a dozen dumpsters and farm equipment, while friends helped carry tables, wardrobes and a piano over the barriers, across fields and into removal trucks.

Two women fell into a hedge when they came to blows, and police were called, the report said.