Airstrikes, strong explosions rock Yemeni capital

Powerful explosions have rocked the Yemeni capital, shattering windows and waking residents up, as Saudi led-airstrikes target suspected weapon caches and missiles held by Shiite rebels.

Mushroom clouds rose in the sky over Fag Atan, in western Sanaa, where the capital's largest weapons caches are located.

"The hanging ceiling and chandelier fell because of the explosions," resident Mohammed Mohsen said.

Saudi Arabia and allied countries began launching airstrikes on March 26, hoping to roll back the rebels, known as Houthis, who seized Sanaa in September and have overrun large parts of the country.

Western governments and Sunni Arab countries accuse the Houthis of receiving arms from Iran. Iran and the rebels deny that, though the Islamic Republic has provided political and humanitarian support to the group.