Air New Zealand plane quarantined in Auckland after 73 passengers display flu-like symptoms

An Air New Zealand plane was quarantined after landing at Auckland Airport carrying children with flu-like symptoms, TVNZ reported.

The Boeing 777-200 landed in Auckland Monday morning local time, with 274 passengers from Narita International Airport outside Tokyo.

A group of 73 children were among the passengers and suffering from the flu-like symptoms.

TVNZ, which earlier reported none of the passengers were allowed to leave the plane, said one passenger, Chris Auld wrote in a Twitter post that officials in masks were allowing many to leave.

"Majority of pax now being offloaded including me. Yay," he tweeted. "It took a while for them to get onboard the plane. Now moved most pax to a gate lounge."

The Ministry of Health said they are monitoring the incident, TVNZ reported.

"We've been briefed on the situation, and advised that it is Japan's flu season, there are no reports of new strains of flu there," said Minister of Health Tony Ryall.

"We're keeping a watching brief but been told there's nothing to suggest it's anything other than seasonal flu," he added, according to TVNZ.