Afghan attacks at a glance

A look at attacks in which Afghanistan security forces turned on their NATO counterparts:

— Nov. 29: An Afghan border police officer opened fire on NATO troops during a training mission in Nangarhar province, killing six NATO service members before he was shot dead.

— July 20: Afghan army sergeant got into an argument at a shooting range in northern Afghanistan's Balkh province and shot dead two American civilian trainers before being killed. Another Afghan soldier was killed in the crossfire.

— July 13: Afghan soldier stationed in the south killed three British troopers, including the company commander, with gunfire and a rocket-propelled grenade in the middle of the night in Helmand province.

— Nov. 2, 2009: Afghan policeman killed five British soldiers at a checkpoint in Helmand province.

— Oct. 2, 2009: Afghan policeman on patrol with U.S. soldiers fired on the Americans, killing two, in Wardak province.

— Oct. 16, 2008, a policeman hurled a grenade and opened fire on a U.S. foot patrol, killing one soldier in Paktika province.

— Sept. 29, 2008, an officer opened fire at a Paktia police station, killing a U.S. soldier and wounding three before he was fatally shot. A NATO official called it "the first incident of its kind."