It's hard to tear 5-year-old Ashley Holman away from her favorite cartoons. So when her parents let her play with a Dora the Explorer app on their Verizon phone, they thought it would be the perfect, safe distraction while visiting grandma in Arkansas.

"On a rainy day, we figured she would play on the phone for a bit," her father, Terry, said. "We saw there were advertisements but we never saw the adult advertisements."

It was not what Terry Holman expected his little girl to see.

He says the Dora the Explorer coloring page had racy pop-up advertisements. He says his daughter clicked on it and got an X-rated eyeful.

"It was naked women, topless, right there on the screen," Holman said.

The Dora page had other ads come up for "Video of the Hottest 101 Girls." Holman says what his daughter saw was so explicit he started making some calls to Verizon and Google, but got nowhere.

"There's too many companies to begin with," he said. "I don't know who made the application."

Holman isn't sure why any adult advertisement would be linked to a child's coloring page, but he is warning parents to look out for it.

"It's completely ridiculous, it never should be able to happen, cause all it takes is a slip of the finger from coloring to naked women on the phone," Holman said. "There's no reason for that on a child's application."

FOX 13 Tampa contacted Verizon Wireless about the problem. They said they will provide the family with a free content filter to eliminate the pop-up ads in the future.

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