6th suspect arrested in case of Czech charged with attempted murder and kidnapping

South Africa police say they've arrested a 6th suspect in connection with a case involving Czech national Radovan Krejcir who is facing charges of attempted murder, assault and kidnapping.

The suspect, Warrant Officer Jan Mofokeng, was arrested on Tuesday at the Organized Crime offices, police spokesman Lt. Gen. Solomon Makgale said Wednesday.

Mofokeng appeared in court Wednesday morning. He was remanded in custody until February 6 when he will reappear in court for a formal bail application hearing.

Krejcir and three other men were arrested in November for allegedly kidnapping and assaulting a man whose brother, known only as "Doctor," disappeared with 25 kilograms (55 pounds) of the drug crystal methamphetamine he had been recruited to help smuggle through Johannesburg's airport. A fifth suspect was arrested later.