385-pound man kicked off flight when fellow passenger refuses to sit next to him

Errol Narvaez’s United Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Newark, New Jersey ended badly Tuesday when he was forced to leave the plane before takeoff.

It all started when, upon boarding, 385-pound Narvaez found out at the last minute that his aisle seat was changed for one in a the middle of a row. He went along with it.

After he found his newly designated seat, he waited for the rest of the passengers to arrive — he had paid extra for an early boarding. But when his seatmate reached the row, the man declined to sit by Narvaez side and instead chose to complain to the flight attendant, as he told the Huffington Post.

"I stood up so he could sit down,” Narvaez said. “He said, ‘No, no. You sit there.’ Then he went to a flight attendant and whispered in her ear.”

After that, the flight attendant allegedly asked Narvaez to leave the plane.

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“She said the plane could not accommodate me at the time and I needed to follow her. As I was following her off the plane, the other stewardess pointed out two empty seats — both in the middle.”

But, again, none of the other passengers agreed to move from their seats, so the 31-year-old bookstore manager had to continue the long walk from row 36 to the front exit.

He was then be forced to wait six hours as the Las Vegas airport for the next flight to Jersey.

A United Airlines spokesman Jonathan Guerin told The Huffington Post that Narvaez was removed “for the safety and comfort” of his fellow passengers. “He agreed when the flight attendant asked him to take the later flight,” Guerin said.

The airline attempted to charge Narvaez an additional $117.00 for having to change his flight, but he protested and they backed down.

Narvaez told the Huffington Post he’d chosen the specific flight in order to get home on time to get some rest before going to work the next day.

Narvaez told the Post his weight issues are not new, but never before had had a problem with airplane seats. “I did my research,” he said. “If I had to buy two seats, I would have.”

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