34 deported Afghan asylum seekers return from Germany

A Kabul airport official says 34 Afghan asylum seekers returned home after being deported from Germany the previous day.

The Kabul airport chief of police, Mohammad Asif Jabarkhil, says the deportees — all young men without families — landed around 5 a.m.

Many expressed disappointment over their deportation, saying they had lived and worked in Germany for years and were now forced to come back without any job prospects.

Sidiq Kuchai, a 23-year-old from northern Baghlan province who was in Germany for seven years, says he "had a good job and was working in a restaurant in Cologne.

Kuchai, who was among those who returned on Thursday says that in Afghanistan he has "no job and no security." He added: "I am not happy, everything is different for me here."