3 people die in flash floods in southern Spain

MADRID (AP) — Three people were killed and two injured in flash floods in towns close to the southern Spanish city of Cordoba, authorities said Tuesday.

An Interior Ministry statement said one man was found dead in a car that had been washed away in torrential overnight rain in the small town of Aguilar de la Frontera. The ministry said the body of a woman who also had been in the vehicle was found some 150 meters (165 yards) away.

Another man was killed when an exterior wall of his house collapsed on top of him in the nearby town of Bujalance.

Two people were injured when a wall fell on them in Aguilar, the ministry said.

Television images showed damaged cars piled together along mud-packed streets in Aguilar while people mopped out their houses.

Cordoba is one of several southern provinces on alert for heavy rains.