11 women, one pregnant, caught with 1.6 lb of cocaine concealed in the vagina

Eleven women from Colombia, one of them pregnant, were detained at Barajas airport in Madrid, each with 1.6 pounds of cocaine concealed in the vagina, police said.

The arrests took place two weeks ago, on Nov. 27, but Spanish police made it public on Monday.

The women, aged between 22 and 47, had arrived in Madrid on a flight from Medellín, Colombia, and carried the drug in a cylindrical container inserted in their body.

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One of the women disclosed she was pregnant and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where the drug was removed safely.

Confidencial Colombia reported that five of the women were arrested at first, and a few hours later the other six. They all carried the drug in a similar fashion.

The story is reminiscent of the 2004 hit movie “Maria Full of Grace,” whose lead character – also pregnant- agrees to fly to the U.S. with 62 pellets of cocaine n her stomach.

Based on reporting by EFE.